Early Childhood students send cryptic message

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Date(s) - 03/04/2017
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The 2016 Christmas season was a little less jolly for parents of infants enrolled in the Child Development Center at Western New Mexico University.

What began as a season of warmth and happiness, turned into a time of worry and doctor visits for many families whose children created cryptic messages out of holiday displays.

Photos of these baby created messages were shared on social media causing panic by parents who believed that their children had become possessed by a strange power.

“One morning I woke up and read on my wall the words ‘I don’t believe in Santa’, all spelled out in Christmas lights,” said Mother Parker. “My two-year old’s innocence is now gone and I can’t explain what is happening.”

Photos are appearing of rearranged Christmas light displays with mysterious messages including “Where are you”, “Right Here”, and “Leggo My Eggo.”

Retail companies are experiencing product returns in large quantities, as parents want to rid themselves of the lights they feel may be somehow related to the phenomenon.

“We have tested the products and don’t believe that our lights are the reason for these unusual messages,” said Jack Frost, Chairman of Christmas Lights Unlimited.

WNMU Early Childhood Programs officials acknowledge that the fall curriculum focused on learning the alphabet, which included one session on innovative communication approaches with parents.

Officials declined to comment at the time of this report.

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