Therapy Session focuses on return of 80s fashion trends

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Date(s) - 03/04/2017
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The popularity of corduroy jackets and leg warmers are making a comeback as apparel outlets are reporting a rise in 80s style fashion purchases by the millennial generation.

Wider and bigger is back to being a good thing especially when it comes to hair and shoulder pads.

The new trends have sparked buying binges and also psychological confusion from students who believe that the change in consumer behavior is pushing millennials back to the 20th century.

“So many have done so much for the advancement of women in our society, I want to caution my fellow students to recognize the potential long-term affects that these outward displays of decades old representations can have,” said Mary Jane Smith, chairwoman of the campus chapter for the advancement of women.

The outcry by feminist leaders has led to the offering of fashion therapy sessions for students and community members looking for a safe space to discuss their feelings over the hard to escape exposure to the retro apparel.

Some national figures including former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton offered more nuanced statements on the issue.

“I believe young men and women should wear what they feel empowered to wear, and what speaks to their personal fashion journey,” said Clinton. “I’ve worn suit pants for decades because it helps people see me as a powerful person who means what she says.”

The mixed feelings created by the comeback apparel are creating a wider scope of responsibility for fashion therapists.

“Our jobs used to be easy,” said Koko Channel,” New Mexico licensed therapist. “It was as simple as getting depressed clientele to stop wearing black. Now the symptoms are layered and present themselves in complicated patterns.”

A new on-campus fashion therapist is available to students who present symptoms of depression, confusion, and anger. For more information, the therapist will be holding office hours in the University Bookstore by the clearance aisle.

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