School mascot discovers real father is Demogorgon

© Western New Mexico University

A new records dump by has led many university mascots to search for their forgotten parents that were disconnected at birth.

The records include birth certificates, marriage records, burial sites, and passports dating back to the early 20th century.

Western Mexico University’s mascot Rawhide was recently reconnected with his father, the Demogorgon.

“I didn’t know what to believe when I finally made the connection through a university adoption document,” said Rawhide. “I could feel my mane stand up as I read the name.”

The discovery has made national news despite university officials’ attempt to keep the story quiet because of the negative association with the demonic monster.

“We stand by the positive values and the many contributions that Rawhide has brought to our student body and community,” said WNMU President Dr. Joseph Shepard.

Since 1984, the Demogorgon has been thought to father many offspring, most of them believed to be dragons that reside in secluded dungeons. While a fierce character in his own right, Rawhide is a far cry from the reptilian, two-headed, tentacle-filled body of the Demogorgon.

Mascots across the country are making first-time connections with mascot parents who gave up their offspring to colleges and universities looking to boost enrollment and find an identity. officials were pleased with the outcome produced by the new records.

“This is by far the most notable connection,” said Dr. Gene Ology, President. “Our next phase is to connect high school mascots with their parents.”

The challenge is expected to be greater as the most popular high school mascots include Vikings and Warriors.

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